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Surpassing Arizona Mandated Requirements for Security Guards

by Anthony Rumore on 01/08/20

Arizona law requires a person to obtain a 70% shooting accuracy to qualify for a firearms license!  At LionHeart Security Services, we have always held our armed security guards to an even higher standard.  For instance, we require our staff to pass the State firearms licensing qualification with an accuracy of 90%.  In addition, all fired hits must remain on the target silhouette even if they miss the target zone.  Ultimately, that means we accept absolutely no stray bullets fired to become a LionHeart Armed Security Officer 


To our team, the odds of 70% accuracy is not good enough!  For the safety of our clients, their customers, and the general public we go above and beyond state laws to demand a higher standard of accuracy for our armed staff.  As a 100% Veteran owned company, LionHeart Security recognizes that every single round fired has potential to cause grave damage if it does not hit the correct target.  From office towers in Phoenix, Arizona to remote villages in West Africa, we continually maintain these core values, whether our client is located locally or internationally


Of course, most security guard companies follow these exact state laws.  In reality, why would they not?   However, aLionHeart Security, we continually work to develop more rigorous standards for our staff, in hopes it can change the state laws. From surpassing state mandated guard training hours for armed and unarmed officers, hosting specialized security education courses, and demanding more precise marksmanship accountability, LionHeart does our part to ensure safety is managed in the safest way possible. 


At LionHeart, we can create the most effective security plan for any endeavor. Wprovide elite professional services for HOAs, public/private events, executive protection, tactical response, and service from Individuals to small business all the way to national and international brands and corporations.?  


If you want to improve your security in the New Year, contact us today at 480.664.6250. We promise we will not disappoint. 

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