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LHSS | 24/7 Mobile Patrol Service
Do you need your property checked regularly to deter criminal activity and ensure that all is safe and secure?

Perhaps doors must be locked or unlocked at specific times or critical gauges checked periodically?

For small businesses, strip malls, single buildings, shared offices … wherever it is cost-prohibitive to have a security guard stationed on the premises full time. LHSS's mobile patrol checks are the cost-effective solution for your security needs anywhere that LionHeart Security serves.

Starting at just $7.00 per visit. Our highly trained Mobile Patrol Guards will come to your site in marked and well-maintained security vehicles at pre-designated times or on a random basis. Using GPS and other smart technology, they’ll electronically document when they arrived at your site, where they checked, and when they left. 

LHSS will then provide that information to our clients in whatever customized format they require. Our preferred method is with our 24/7 Client Portal Login.